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Micro-Grom, Smith, Wins Huge at El Porto Open Surf Championship

It was a day that rewarded strong paddlers and strongmindedness.

The Southbay surf community conquered windy, choppy conditions to declare champions in 11 categories, from the parent assisted Micro-Grom Assist category to the over 60 Super Legends.

"It’s fun to see people coming together through surfing,” said Woodrow “Pack” Landfair, owner of El Porto Surf Shop. Landfair sponsored the event, providing trophies, prizes, t-shirts, and grab bags for competitors.

Two winners were legendary local LA County lifeguard Tom Seth, who won the always-competitive Masters Category, and Pastor Ross Rusself of El Porto Beach’s own Church on the Beach, who won the Super Legends category. London Meza won the Open Women’s category, which her sister Teagan won in 2022. Johnny Herouin claimed the biggest honor of the day as the “double champ,” taking home first prize for both the Juniors and the Boys & Girls categories.

In addition to having their names engraved on trophies on the wall in El Porto Surf Shop, this year’s champions also won a $100 gift card, delivered as an oversize prize check and awarded with the trophy on the podium. Finalists also took home a ribbon attached with a $10 gift card.


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