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Tired of ride bumming to the beach?

If you're tired of asking your friend for the millionth time if they can strap your board to the roof of their car or weigh it down in the back of their truck, investing in a set of roof-rack straps might be a good idea. With KanuLock, you can strap your surfboard, long or short, to the roof of that beater car mom and dad gifted you before going away for college.

KanuLock straps cannot be cut by knife so that keeps you safe from the prying hands of thieves and they come equipped with easy to lock buckles with built in wind noise prevention technology. With regular tie-downs, anyone can walk up to your car and jack your board within 10 seconds, without any tools and without attracting any attention.

Living in Los Angeles or the South Bay and looking for a pair to call your own? Roll on over to El Porto Surf Shop located in the heart of Manhattan Beach on 3804 Highland Avenue to snag yourself a pair!


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