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Which Surfboard is for you?

Whether you're new or old to the world of surfing, everyone can appreciate a beautifully crafted board. We're here to give an all you need guide about the different types of surfboards out there.

The Surfboard Shapes


The Tow-In board is used to surf 75+ ft faces. Surfers have a team around them with use of a jetski, rope, and other essential equipment that allow for them to be towed into these large waves.


The Fish board is a wide and short board, with a curve and swallow tail, designed to ride small or medium waves with little force. This board allows for an easy paddle and surf thanks to its volume and width. However, this board does not do well in big or hollow waves.


The Retro board, like the Fish, is designed to ride small to medium waves with little force, ande does not do well in big or hollow waves. The board is thick, short and has a lot of front surface.


Maybe the most known surfboard, the shortboard is best to rip those 3ft-10ft waves and would not reccomend for a beginner just starting out. These boards were well in any conditions because of how versatile they are. Offering a good balance of speed and manuverability these boards are easily the most technical.


The Evolutiva is bigger and thicker then the shortboard allowing for more buoyancy and stability more suitable for beginner surfers. This board is very manueverable so it can be fun for more advanced surfers as well.


The Malibu came from sunny Malibu, California and is known to be a quick and narrow longboard. With greater performance and manuverability the Malibu is seen as the sport version of the traditional longboard.


The Gun is a big wave board for anything over 10ft. This board has a narrow elongated body with a sharp tip and tail, increasing acceleration and stability making it perfect for catching large waves.


The Longboard is ideal for surf up to 6ft. This is the standard beginner board although advanced surfers can totally rip and shred waves with this board.


The SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle board and is used to surf either flat water or waves. It is the largest surfboard and with the width and thickness of the board it allows stable support for standing in any situation. Ideal for the smaller waves with not as much force.




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