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Where to get your wetsuit repair kit in the South Bay?

BEEP! Alarm goes off!!! 6am wakeup call. You drive down to the surfbreak still half asleep. You put on your wetsuit and you rip a giant hole in it, and now you're contemplating not paddling out....You still get a solid session in, but you froze your bollocks off...and now you have a problem on your hands.. How and where do I fix my wetsuit?

Unfortunately, the South Bay only has 1 professional option to repair your wetsuit. JMJ Wetsuits in Torrance, but the minimum is $50 and repairs usually take about a week. If that is too expensive, you need a faster solution, or you just have a minor tear, El Porto surf shop has the item for you.

El Porto surf shop sells 4 types of wetsuit repair kits:

wetsuit repair kit
Neoprene Patch $15
  1. Neoprene Patch $15 

All you need is a hot iron and a pair of scissors and takes minutes to apply.

wetsuit repair kit
Aquaseal +NEO $12.99

2. Aquaseal +NEO $12.99

Takes 5 minutes for first coat to dry and 10 minutes to apply the second application.

Wetsuit should be ready for use after a couple hours.

wetsuit repair kit
AquaSeal Cement $8.95

3. AquaSeal Cement $8.95

Easy to use application 10 minute application. Drys in 8-12 hours.

and last but not least,

wetsuit repair kit
BlockSurf Neoprene Cement for $14.99

4. BlockSurf Neoprene Cement for $14.99

Allow 5 minutes for first coat to dry and 10 minutes for the second.

*This is my favorite application, it comes with an easy to use brush and a lid to store for next time.


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