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The hidden choices behind great El Porto surf: choosing the right surf wax

Ha! Today I’m in the mood to start a new hobby! The sun is shining, the water temperature is amazing and the waves are small and perfect for beginners. The start of a beautiful day to get that board and try to surf. I’m just going to buy some wax and go! But wait, what are all these options? How do I choose? Believe it or not, the surf world holds lots of secrets, and when you start looking around, it may feel like there’s too much to learn. Worry no more! This article will set you up to always know what wax to choose!

First things first, what is the water temperature today? It is very important to be aware of the water temperature, because that will certainly influence your wax choice. Here’s why it matters: surf wax, like candle wax, melts when heated. Of course, the water won’t fully melt your wax, but it will make it softer and you’re going to lose some grip. Same thing goes for colder temperatures; the wax tends to harden and can get slick. Wax comes in different formulas, so they can be the perfect texture for you. If you search in any engine for the name of the beach and water temperature, it should come up.

Here’s a quick guide for water temperatures and waxes.

  • From 22°C (72°F) upwards, opt for tropical-water wax.

  • From 18°C (65°F) to 22°C (72°F), opt for warm-water wax.

  • From 14°C (58°F) to 18°C (65°F), opt for cool-water wax.

  • For temperatures below 14°C (58°F), opt for cold-water wax.

Ok! Now I know I need wax that will be appropriate for the water temperature, but there are still too many options! What brand should I choose? Now I’m going to let you in on the favorites: SexWax, Sticky Bumps and Yew!. Any of these should work amazingly, and I would recommend that you try them all out before deciding which one is your favorite.

SexWax is notoriously known by surfers, it is a very OG brand. It comes in an amazingly designed cardboard box that makes it super easy to store it. It really shines for its longevity. It sticks to your board very nicely and should stay sticky for multiple sessions; just remember to not leave your board in a hot car. Sticky bumps is, well, very sticky! If you’re looking for something easy to apply and that will truly stick to your feet, give this one a try!

Considering you’re a nature & ocean lover, like me, I imagine you’re thinking: But is all that environmentally friendly? Well, let me let you in on Yew!. This surf wax is made from beeswax. It is all natural, smells great and the application is also easy. As a bonus, it has a golden undertone, as opposed to the usual white, so it looks really cool when paired up with some boards.

Now you know all there is to know about surfwax! You’re all set up to go and buy the perfect wax. This post was written by a El Porto Surf Shop employee, so I must add: If you think you need some extra help, stop by El Porto Surf Shop, the staff is incredibly friendly, someone (or me, if you're lucky!) will be happy to talk you through the (many) options we have! Go get your wax in your favorite surf shop and most importantly: do not forget to have fun!


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