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Surfboard Travel for Beginners

Looking to go on a surf adventure but don't know how to bring your blade (surfboard) without getting it damaged? Well look no further. 

Today we will be teaching you the fundamentals of surfboard travel. Including ways to pack your surfboard, tips and tricks you should know, as well as ways to make sure you are prepared for the worst.

Traveling in general can be a very stressful process. I think the majority of people will agree with that statement. It consists of many different parts. Including planning, scheduling, purchasing, packing, the list goes on. As a surfer, it also includes the process of packing your surfboard. The most prized possession of a surfer. And let me tell you, it does not feel good when you arrive at a world class destination only to find out your blade (surfboard) has been dung or even destroyed. There is a large question as to why that happens pretty often. The short answer, airline workers aren't getting paid enough to care about their job. They are there just trying to make time pass, often doing so by throwing baggage all over the place. That's why it is very important to pack your surfboard as best you can, ensuring 100% protection. 

So what are common, mostly successful ways of packing a surfboard?

  1. Wrapping pool noodles around the rails and securing them tightly with tape or plastic wrap

2. Using bubble wrap to completely surround the board. Secure tightly using tape or plastic wrap

3. Using cardboard to surround the board, again securing tightly using tape or plastic wrap

These are probably the most common ways to protect your surfboard while in travel transit. They tend to work pretty well but be Aware! When someone doesn't like their job, they really don't like their job. Don't be surprised if you open up your surf bag to find a couple small dings on your board. It's better than the whole thing snapped in half (that's happened before, very catastrophic). There are a few things though, that you can do to add a little extra bit of protection. 

  1. Adding towels to surroundings of wrapped surfboard

  2. Using wetsuits or clothing to give extra comfort

  3. Insert extra inflated packaging materials anywhere in the surf bag for padding

Since there is really no “perfect” way to wrap a surfboard, it is important that you are prepared for things gone wrong. You can't always rely on a stocked-up surf shop being in the area you are traveling to, especially if it's remote. It's important that you come prepared, bringing your own supplies to use for unintended circumstances.

  1. Bring your own ding repair kit (SunCure makes it very convenient and keeps things clean)

2. Save your packaging materials after unwrapping your surfboard (it can be very hard to find stores selling what you need, especially in another country)

3. Pack extra bars of wax (You’d be surprised how expensive one bar of wax can be in another country)

We hope this article was helpful and can benefit you in the future. Make sure to follow your dreams, and don't let fears of challenges drive you away from new experiences. Go Travel the World!

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