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Surf's Up: Discover the Top Five Beaches to Catch Waves in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California is a renowned haven for surfers, so if you’re seeking the perfect break to catch some impressive waves, here are the top five beaches that should be on your radar.


Steamer Lane:

First on the list we have the iconic Steamer Lane; nestled beneath the Santa Cruz lighthouse, Steamer Lane is known for being a spot for experienced surfers. It has a reputation for having the most consistent and challenging breaks on the West Coast, attracting surfers seeking adrenaline pumping waves. This is arguably one of the most popular beaches in NorCal.

Pleasure Point:

Known for having picturesque settings and consistent swells, Pleasure Point offers a laid-back surf experience. This beach offers a variety of breaks that cater to all skill levels, which makes it an ideal spot for both beginning and seasoned surfers just trying to catch some fun waves.

The Hook:

The Hook is famous for its right hand point break and waves that reach impressive heights. It’s known for attracting surfers in search of a thrilling and dynamic surf experience. Surrounded by cliffs, spectators are provided with an excellent vantage point to witness the action! This is personally my favorite spot in Santa Cruz.

Capitola Beach:

Capitola has a great family friendly atmosphere alongside excellent waves. The beach features a mellow break that’s suitable for surfers of various skill levels. The charming seaside village and wharf nearby add to the spot's appeal.

Waddell Beach:

For those who are fans of the rugged and untamed, Waddell beach, located North of Santa Cruz, offers a unique surf experience. Renowned for its strong winds and consistent swell, this beach attracts kite surfers and advanced wave riders looking to challenge themselves in the wild beauty of the Northern California coast.

Santa Cruz’s surf scene caters to surfers of all levels, making it a must visit destination for wave enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a powerful break, or a more relaxed surf experience, these beaches will promise you an unforgettable day in the pacific waves.


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