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Riding the Yuletide Wave: Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Surfer in Your Life

This holiday season, dive into the spirit of giving by delighting the surfer in your life with thoughtful presents and stocking stuffers that capture the essence of wave-riding. From practical essentials to small yet mighty gifts, here's a curated list that will make a splash this Christmas.

Portable Waterproof Speaker: Tunes on the Tides

Bring the beach vibes wherever they go with a portable, waterproof speaker. Perfect for beach days and surf sessions, this gift ensures they can ride the waves to their favorite tunes.

$49 at JBL

Surf Poncho: Cozy Comfort Post-Surf

Provide post-surf warmth and comfort with a stylish surf poncho. Ideal for changing out of wetsuits or simply lounging on the beach, these ponchos are a surfer's cozy essential.

GoPro or Action Camera: Capture the Stoke

Help them relive their best rides by gifting a GoPro or action camera. Perfect for documenting epic surf sessions and sharing the stoke with friends and fellow surf enthusiasts.

Our favorite surf cam $349 at GoPro

Surf Watch: Tides and Time in Style

Gift them a surf-specific watch that not only tells time but also tracks tide information. Stylish and functional, these watches are designed for surfers, ensuring they're always in sync with the waves.

$359 at Cambria Bike

Surf Map for Home Decor: Nautical Inspiration

Spruce up their living space with a surf map featuring their favorite coastal spots, adding a touch of nautical charm to their home decor.

$34.20 on Etsy

Quality Surf Apparel: Stylish and Functional

Upgrade their wardrobe with high-quality surf apparel, from rash guards to board shorts. Choose designs that reflect their personality and ensure they ride the waves in both style and comfort.

Key Lock for Car Keys: Surf Security

Keep their car keys secure while they ride the waves with a durable key lock designed for surfers, ensuring peace of mind during beach outings.

$65 on FCS

Surf Trip Essentials Kit: Adventure-Ready

Compile a surf trip essentials kit, including items like sunscreen, a compact first aid kit, wax, and a durable dry bag for valuables. This thoughtful gift prepares them for spontaneous surf getaways with ease.

Dry bag $29.95 at El Porto Surf Shop

Surf Brush: Wave-Catching Cleanliness

Gift them a specialized surf brush for cleaning sand and salt off their board, car, and feet, ensuring it stays in top-notch condition for every ride.

Changing Mat/Bag: Surf Convenience

Make changing in and out of wetsuits a breeze with a compact changing mat or bag, a practical and portable accessory for any surfer.

$34 at FCS

Stocking Stuffers:

Surf Wax Comb and Keychain: Practical and Stylish

Include a surf wax comb for those quick tune-ups before hitting the waves. Compact and functional, these stocking stuffers make a handy addition to their surf accessories.

$3.98 on Amazon

Surf-inspired Jewelry: Wearable Waves

Add a touch of surf style with jewelry featuring wave or surfboard motifs. Choose small, stylish pieces that fit snugly into a stocking, allowing them to carry a piece of the ocean wherever they go.

"Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life" by William Finnegan: Literary Waves

Dive into the enthralling world of surfing with this Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir that explores the author's lifelong love affair with the waves. A perfect addition to their downtime, offering captivating tales and insights into the soul of a true surfer.

$9.99 on Amazon

Waterproof Phone Pouch: Keep Devices Dry

Ensure their devices stay protected with a waterproof phone pouch, perfect for beach days and surf adventures. Compact enough to slip into a stocking, this practical gift keeps their essentials safe and sound.

$11.70 on Amazon

Sunscreen Face Stick: Sun Protection in a Swipe

Ensure their face stays protected from the sun's rays with a convenient sunscreen face stick, perfect for on-the-go application during surf sessions.

$12.49 at Sun Bum

Wax Air Freshener: Surf-Inspired Scents

Bring the essence of the ocean into their car with a wax air freshener, featuring refreshing scents that evoke the surf and sea.

$8.55 for 3-pack on Amazon

This Christmas, make a splash with gifts and stocking stuffers that resonate with the surfer's passion for riding the waves. Whether it's a personalized surf essential kit, a surf map for home decor, or practical accessories that fit snugly in a stocking, these thoughtful presents ensure a holiday season filled with stoke and coastal joy. Celebrate the surfer you love with gifts that mirror their love for the ocean and the thrill of the surf.


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