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6 Budget-Friendly Surf Tips for Beginners

Surfing is an amazing sport and can be quite budget-friendly. There is no need for expensive equipment or facilities. Here are 6 budget-friendly surf tips for beginners.

1. Rent or Borrow Equipment

Renting and borrowing equipment is a great option for beginner surfers. This allows you to try out different boards to get an understanding of what works best for you. El Porto Surf Shop, in Manhattan Beach, is a great place for all equipment rentals. They offer foam boards (a good option for beginners), poly fiber boards (recommended for mid-level surfers), and fiberglass boards. Their staff is friendly and can help you with all your questions!

2. Buy Used Gear

Two people shopping for surf boards.

Once you know what you like, buying used gear is a great money saver! You can buy slightly used surfing gear in great condition for a fraction of the cost it is when brand new. Websites like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace are great for finding what you need, whether it's a leash, some fins, or even aboard. El Porto Surf Shop also sells used boards for cheap!

3. Know The Forecast

Knowing the tide patterns and how to read the surf reports can help you save time and money. If you know when the waves are good, you can save gas and avoid traffic. Sometimes driving an hour to Malibu to then arrive at Flat Surf is not worth it. Checking the report can be very useful.

A photo of Malibu.

4. Plan Your Trips

Planning a surf trip ahead of time can save you some money. You can find cheaper places to stay and eat if you research. Ask your friend to crash at their place a month in advance instead of that day. Even booking flights ahead of time is much cheaper than last minute.

5. DIY Repairs

Do-it-yourself board repairs can save you lots of money. Fixing dings and cracks at home is much cheaper than paying a professional. You can buy cheap kits like Sun Cure, which comes with instructions and everything you need to fix your board, for only $14! Surfboard repair kits are very easy to do and will keep your board in shape.

A person waxing a surf board.

6. Safety First

Staying safe while surfing can save you money in several ways. By using the right equipment like a leash and rash guard, you prevent damage to your surfboard and yourself! Avoiding reckless behavior and risky waves lowers the chance of accidents and medical expenses. Protecting yourself with sunscreen or a hat also prevents future costly skin treatments. Safety first!

Using these tips and tricks can help you save money! Starting or advancing in a sport can be intimidating and costly, but it doesn't have to be. Just remember to wear sunblock and have fun!


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