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Articles by J.C. King, Publisher & Editor-at-Large

J.C. King is a veteran of the cannabis and mushroom industries since the late 1990's, and entered the publishing business as one of Gawker's Silicon Valley interns in San Francisco after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1999 with dual Bachelor degrees in Business and Fine Arts (Acting). From 2011-2017, King also worked as a director and publicist for the McDonald's corporation as part of a global team producing Ronald McDonald's public appearances in coordination with franchisees, media agencies, and corporate directors. In 2014, King conceived and helped found Harbinger Book Group, a publishing imprint, in his New York City office space, helping to publish and publicize the novel Land Of The Free. King chose not to take an ownership stake in the company, and instead purchased all unused inventory to open a used and rare book business in Washington DC. In the nation's capitol, King maintains a consulting business for local "i-71 and i-81 compliant" shops, and for small cannabis and mushroom business owners nationwide. A world renowned rare book dealer, King specializes in high literature, and on books about the effects and uses of cannabis and magic mushrooms. J.C. King is an avid reader, traveler, surfer, entrepreneur, and enjoys both performing and watching stand-up and improv comedy, as well as theater, guitar, piano and sports of all kinds.

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