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4 Best Dispensaries in DC

The 4 most reliable providers of Cannabis and Mushrooms in the DMV and why

Magic Mushrooms, Washington DC i81
Washington DC's Voter Initiative 81 (i81) legalized the production, possession, use and gifting of Magic Mushrooms in 2020.

1. Capital City Care

The largest dispensary in D.C. is also one of the best in the region. Its cheery baby-blue brick storefront conceals a sleek space accented with light woods and warm tones. The staff gets high marks for their friendliness and depth of knowledge. As the only dispensary in the District authorized to cultivate medical marijuana, it has a big selection of flower, along with numerous cartridges, hash, edibles galore (chocolates, gummies, honey, oat bar, etc), and plenty of pre-rolls, including indica-dominant mini joints for those looking for a sleep aid. A wide variety of product and its long history of medical service make it one of the best dispensaries in DC.

Cannabis, Washington DC, i71
Washington DC's Voter Initiative 71 (i71) legalized the growth, possession, use and gifting of cannabis in 2014

2. Anacostia Organics

The first medical cannabis dispensary east of the Anacostia River is minority and woman-owned. White-walled with products displayed in glass cases, Anacostia Organics has the feel of a chic boutique. The choices here are broad and thoughtfully curated, including vape cartridges, concentrates, salves, suppositories, soaks, and edibles such as honey, lozenges, and chocolates. Browsers will also find a strong selection of local strains from Abatin and District Cannabis. As a nod to the neighborhood, locals from Wards 7 and 8 get a ten percent discount (as do veterans and seniors). Additionally, first-time patients and those celebrating a birthday can celebrate with 25 percent off.

3. Top Level

The best dispensary in D.C. isn’t actually a dispensary but an art gallery that gifts weed with each purchase of an art print. The Cleveland Park dispensary is a local favorite. Local D.C. artists create prints to sell and each buyer is gifted one ounce within (allowed within a 24-hour period). No need for a medical marijuana card, just bring cash and a 21+ State Issued ID.

4. CannaLink

CannaLink should probably rank higher on our list of best dispensaries in DC for their super easy online ordering platform and customer-friendly human service agents available by text. CannaLink offers curbside and home delivery, usually within one hour. CannaLink provides a wide variery of cannabis, extracts, and edibles, as well as a full assortment of mushrooms, mushroom edibles, and mushroom capsules. Interested in learning about how cannabis and mushrooms work? CannaLink also offers books on the subject, many free with orders upon request. To order (9am-8pm EST) click


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