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Electric Cars - 3 Questions (and more)!

1) What are we gonna do with all these plastic car shells that are made to break after just a few years?

I drive a 1982. It’s as old as I am. How long are these 2023 cars going to last? Not long, from what I understand. Once they break down, will their components just stack up in a junkyard?

2) Where is all this electricity coming from to charge these things?

Am I naive or ignorant for asking? How do we source all the electricity to power enough cars for everyone?

3) What is the environmental impact of mining the battery components and creating all the plastic and sourcing the electricity to keep the battery charged?

Are electric “cars” actually more environmentally sound than the gas cars of 40 years ago?

Is there anyone researching these questions that isn’t in the pocket of the industry? What happened to the whole idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling? Why is there so little media coverage about this?


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