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Burn One Down, Teen Vaping

This is a call to all joint, blunt, and spliff lovers worldwide.

This is our time to take a stand and do something for our fellow man.

Dark times have come, and in that darkness, our lighters and lit blunt-ends shine the brightest. May we serve as a beacon for humanity and lead our brethren to peaceful and abundant times.

What am I talking about?

Teenage marijuana vaping, which has doubled in the last six years. An entire generation thinks of marijuana not as plant from the ground but as the vapor from a heated piece of plastic.

This form of weed gives off little to no smell, doesn’t burst into flames, and produces no ash. What’s the problem? - you might ask. The problem is, it’s an illusion. Everything burns up. Something might not leave a smell, but it leaves a lasting impact. It might not catch fire, or make us cough, but what are we ingesting in what seem like the purest of circumstances? Perhaps the smoke was good by comparison, because the whole point of smoking was never to live forever, never to ignore death or consequences, but rather to stare them in the face.

We have something to offer this world. Be it death, be it a career or any other life decision, no one can be more helpful than those of us willing to hold fire to face and take a deep breath.

Here are three things we can pass on just by passing our joints:

1. Commitment

When we spark a fresh smoke, we are beginning a journey. We are breaking new ground. Marijuana will activate and reawaken parts of the brain which flow through the body’s entire central nervous system. What better way to acknowledge that something has a beginning and an end than to take something unburnt and light it on fire? There, the journey has begun. As the ancient saying goes: to take the island, burn the boats. To burn is to lose forever, and so too for our blunt. Ideally we roll it ourselves as a mindfulness practice (though that it is a subject of another article). By smoking a blunt, we commit.

2. Communion

Smoking is an act of communion. This burning thing in our hands creates an urgency to which we must commit at least some attention. In this way, we come into communion with ourselves. Part of the beauty of smoking is having to take a break, getting to take a break, to commune with the self and with each other. Back when people still smoked cigarettes, a common reason was to take some time alone to breathe. Does anyone ever excuse themselves to step outside to vape? I don’t think so. No one goes out back in the shed to circle around together and pass a vape pen around and talk until it is finished. That level of both self-connection and human connection are what I think weed is really all about.

3. Consequences

Smoking is the ultimate momento mori, the perfect expression of the acceptance of death. Here we are puffing on something that is burning to an end before our eyes. This is something that we enjoy, and it is receding into the sunset right there between your fingers. And it smells. Oh, God, yes, it smells! Smoking weed smells. Especially good weed. And you can’t ignore the consequences of that. People are gonna love you or they are gonna hate you. And when you reek of your most favorite strain, you separate friends from enemies in a matter of moments. By reeking of the blunt you just sparked, with those new friends who smelt it and walked over to ask for a puff, you’ll figure out who your people are right away. It might not always be pleasant. Some people might yell at you Some might fire you. But it’s best not to live an inauthentic life. Why have a career where you have hide with a vape pen when you'd rather be spending your years smoking the loud real proud?

So much is lost in the convenience and cleanliness of vapes. They make us forget that smoking was never a hazard-free activity to begin with. Smoking is an acknowledgment of death, an acceptance of it. It used to be an acceptance of illegality as well, an acceptance that man’s laws are not based on fairness or morality, never have and never can be. Inhaling carbon is not something that will add years to your life. If smoking weed through a vape pen seems like it’s healthier, safer, and has fewer consequences, then I want to live a life of consequences.


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