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Cannabis & Hiking: How To Use Cannabis For A Fun Hiking Experience

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Hiking is an excellent outdoor option for those who want to exercise while enjoying the bounties of nature. With thousands of gorgeous trails nationwide, people in legalized states have understandably wanted to pair the psychoactivity of cannabis with hikes to enhance their overall experience.

However, if you bring marijuana on your hike, it’s important to keep laws, proper manners, and etiquette in mind. A hiking trail isn’t your backyard; treating your fellow trailblazers and the environment respectfully is essential. Due to these important considerations, you should always be thinking about how you can be a conscientious hiker who uses cannabis safely and responsibly whilst also maximizing fun to make for an unforgettable hiking experience.

Beautiful mountain view

Safety and Etiquette Tips for Using Cannabis On Hiking Trails

When it comes to hiking with cannabis, there are a few safety and etiquette tips cannabis-using hikers should follow:

  • Be cautious of an open flame. This rule is true of all fire-related activities, from cigarette smoking to campfires, especially in dry areas and seasons. Absent-mindedly tossing the remains of a joint or accidentally dropping your lighter could lead to devastating consequences, starting a forest fire that would destroy the local ecosystem and the natural beauty many others enjoy. If you do smoke, be careful with your fire. Or, opt for a non-flame consumption method like edibles to stay on the safe side.

  • Bring extra water. It’s generally good practice to pack more water than you think you’ll drink on a hiking trip, but this rule doubly applies to cannabis users. Smoking weed can often lead to dehydration and accompanying dry mouth, so it’s important to stay extra hydrated and have surplus water in an emergency. It doesn’t hurt to bring a water filtration device if you think you’ll run out. Trail mix (combined dried fruit, nuts, and granola) can also increase saliva production and help provide energy for longer hikes.

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  • Choose the right trail. It’s essential to choose a trail well-suited to your experience level and cannabis use. Some trails are easy and obvious, while others are more challenging and hard to pick out, even for sober hikers. Make sure you know your trail’s path before you consume your cannabis products, or bring along a map or GPS to guide you along the way.

  • Respect other hikers. On hiking trails, you’ll likely encounter other people similarly enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views. Everyone wants a good experience on their hike, and not everyone outdoors is a fan of cannabis. Think of using cannabis on the trail as the equivalent of someone smoking cigarettes. Refrain from smoking weed around others whom the smoke or smell may bother, particularly families with children.

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  • Avoid going alone. When possible, hike with other people. Even if you’re all consuming cannabis together, there’s safety in numbers, particularly in an emergency. With more people in on the hiking experience, the less likely you’ll all get lost or take unnecessary risks, and, in the most extreme cases, the more quickly you can be found by rescue services.

  • Leave no trace. Nature’s golden rule says to leave no trace of your presence, which is just as true for cannabis users. After a long hike, ensure you’ve left no edible wrappers or extinguished roaches (even unlit ones can be a fire hazard) on your path. No one wants to see cannabis litter on the trail, and picking up trail trash is a good idea to preserve the natural beauty of the federal or state land.

Visit a Dispensary or Use a Weed & Mushroom Delivery Service!

Whole-plant cannabis and dried mushrooms

We should keep in mind the above rules and basic etiquette to enjoy cannabis while hiking. DC now has myriad businesses operating openly as cannabis and mushroom dispensaries, serving the masses - usually requiring the consumer to purchase a sticker or bag to receive the requested "free" cannabis and magic mushrooms inside. Ordering is easier than ever! No medical card needed. Finding a good dispensary in DC is as easy as searching Googlemaps, or just click here for my favorite delivery service!


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