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Cannabis edible products Review

Rocket chocolates come in a plethora of tasty flavor, 350mg per bar. Look out for the holiday specials! 500mg per holiday special bar.

Flora and Bast Gummy's, Full spectrum effects for both Sativa and indica. 30mg per gummy 900mg per jar.

Molly Rancher, 50mg per package. Small discreet and a great high in an easy form factor! These delicious hard candy treats from OC Pharm offer a convenient, easy-to-dose that tastes great and provides hours of relief. Comes in lots of great flavors!

Flora and Bast"Effects" Gummies. Coming in sativa, pre-sleep, hypnotic, sex and euphoria. These have great effects and even greater flavors to match! Each of these packs contain 100mg of THC and are each uniquely combined with other herbs and extracts to achieve the perfect desired effect.

Remedy Gummies, 300mg per pack. Reap the benefits of all-natural medicine provided in your favorite childhood candies with Remedy Plus. Yummy Candy edibles available in your favorite gummy candy forms such as peach rings, apple rings, space worms, lil sours, california peaches, california cherries, and gummi buddies! Very easy to take a small dose!

La Familia chocolate bars, 200 mg per bar. Tasty spanish inspired flavors with a low dose per chocolate! These bars are delicious and decadent with a sweet flavor to match the extra smooth texture. Once unpackaged, each bar can be broken into 12 squares of approximately 17mg each.


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