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5 Ideas For A Quick and Fun Hangout in Shaw

Here are 5 Ideas For A Quick and Fun Hangout in Shaw! following are great things to do for a quick and fun hangout in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C.

1. Capo Italian Deli

Capo famous Italian sub

The home of the original Fauci Pouchy is also famous for its Italian combo subs absolutely stuffed with sliced meats and a high-energy speakeasy hidden past a refrigerator door that draws scene-y crowds on weekends. A Western Market food hall stall joins a Northern Virginia location in Tysons Corner.

2. Gogi Yogi

Gogi yoga

One of the only Korean barbecue joints with tabletop grilling in D.C., Gogi Yogi stands out with unconventional meats like New Zealand lamb and spicy baby octopus. Try the “hangover soup,” traditionally called muguk, with turnips, scallions, and ribeye beef.

3. Quattro Osteria

Quattro Osteria

Tucked past 18th-century double doors, Shaw’s stylish staple that turns two in August resembles a chic sidewalk cafe in Italy. Standout pasta dishes include duck ravioli; pappardelle with a meaty ragu of beef short ribs, pork collar, and Italian sausage; black truffle-topped gnocchi; and decadent lobster linguine. The a la carte menu is joined by multi-course tasting options. Co-owner Louie Hankins also runs El Techo, a tropical rooftop perch next door slinging spicy margs and tacos. Come enjoy with friends!

4. The Royal

The Royal

This neighborhood cafe and bar has a wood-burning grill and a Latin-leaning menu that offers empanadas, arepas, and huevos rancheros throughout the day. Don’t skip the guava pastries.

5. Visit a Dispensary or Use a Weed & Mushroom Delivery Service!

Visit a Dispensary or Use a Weed & Mushroom Delivery Service!

Cannabis and magic mushroom gifting are all the rage ever since local ballot initiatives I-71 and I-81 decriminalized the substances and made them available for sharing or giving away! DC now has myriad businesses operating openly as cannabis and mushroom dispensaries, serving the masses - usually requiring the consumer to purchase a sticker or bag to receive the requested "free" cannabis and magic mushrooms inside. Ordering is easier than ever! No medical card needed. Finding a good dispensary in DC is as easy as searching Googlemaps, or just click here for my favorite delivery service!


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