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4 Great Places To Spend A Day In Shaw

These are 4 great places to spend a day in Shaw neighborhood in Washington DC. The list is as follows!

1. Atlantic Plumbing Theatre

Outside of Atlantic Plumbing Theater

The theater—just six years old—plays blockbusters, but in an upscale setting more akin to an indie arthouse. Reserve seats when you buy tickets in advance, so no need to line up early. You can enjoy appetizers and specialty cocktails during the show. 807 V St., NW; 202-534-1965.

2. 600 T

Inside 600 T Bar

600 T is a bar that cherishes making authentic drinks with thoughtful ingredients while building connections with the community. They offer their guests a curated cocktail experience that celebrates the spirits, ingredients and the cultural ethos at 600 T. With jazz nights and seasonal cocktail specials, this place is a must visit in the Shaw neighborhood in Washington DC!

3. The Red Hen

Outside of the Red Hen, in Washington D.C

A woodfire-powered kitchen, bucolic decorations that emulates a countryside abode and an affordable, Italian-infused menu have turned The Red Hen into one of DC’s go-to neighborhood restaurants. Pasta lovers will have difficulty resisting dishes such mezze rigatoni with fennel sausage ragu or squid ink linguini, while those hankering for seafood can savor caramelized scallops or grilled swordfish. An exceptional wine list only adds to the tranquility of this gem!

4. Visit a Dispensary or Use a Weed & Mushroom Delivery Service!

Cannabis and Mushrooms inside of a dispensary

Cannabis and magic mushroom gifting are all the rage ever since local ballot initiatives I-71 and I-81 decriminalized the substances and made them available for sharing or giving away! DC now has myriad businesses operating openly as cannabis and mushroom dispensaries, serving the masses - usually requiring the consumer to purchase a sticker or bag to receive the requested "free" cannabis and magic mushrooms inside. Ordering is easier than ever! No medical card needed. Finding a good dispensary in DC is as easy as searching Googlemaps, or just click here for my favorite delivery service!


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