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4 Fun Things To Do For Interns and Young Professionals in Washington DC

These are fun things for interns and young professionals to do in Washington DC! The list is as follows:

1. Breadsoda Bar, Deli & Billiards


Breadsoda is known among D.C. college students for its happy hour deals and games. The Glover Park basement bar has billiards, darts, shuffleboard, and more, all of which are free on Wednesday. Happy hour runs regularly until 7 p.m., including weekends, as well as all night on Wednesdays. During happy hour, you’re not likely to spend more than $4 on a drink.

Why everyone else might want to avoid it: The place turns into a zoo of college kids during peak happy hour times, especially on Wednesdays, which are colloquially known among American University students as “Breadsoda Wednesdays.”

2. Recessions Bar & Grill


D.C. blogger Barred in DC called L St. NW Recessions a “Young Bro Bar” on Twitter. The bar has been a long-standing haunt for interns and young professionals, and why not? You pay for what you came for: cheap drinks, onion rings and fries, and, of course, karaoke. Happy hour runs until 8 p.m. and includes $3 Miller Lite and $4 rail drinks. Immediately after happy hour, sing some karaoke on Tuesday through Saturday or enjoy Monday night football.

Why everyone else might want to avoid it: Sometimes you just don’t need a bunch of drunk youths scream-singing into a microphone. And, as Mike Janssen pointed out on Twitter, it’s carpeted. Enough said.

3. Punch Bowl Social Arlington


Located close to Ballston Metro, Punchbowl Social is a massive venue with no shortage of indoor or outdoor seating in one of its many rooms or on its rooftop. If you’re craving a cocktail, you won’t pay more than $8 for one at happy hour. You’ll also never be bored between karaoke, table games, their arcade, and a bowling alley spread across three floors.

Why everyone else might want to avoid it: Punchbowl Social is essentially a crowded Dave & Buster’s. Leave the youths to their games.

4. Visit a Dispensary or Use a Weed & Mushroom Delivery Service!

Cannabis shrooms

Cannabis and magic mushroom gifting are all the rage ever since local ballot initiatives I-71 and I-81 decriminalized the substances and made them available for sharing or giving away! DC now has myriad businesses operating openly as cannabis and mushroom dispensaries, serving the masses - usually requiring the consumer to purchase a sticker or bag to receive the requested "free" cannabis and magic mushrooms inside. Ordering is easier than ever! No medical card needed. Finding a good dispensary in DC is as easy as searching Googlemaps, or just click here for my favorite delivery service!


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