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3 Must Do's in Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

inside pentagon city mall

1) Shop ‘Til You Drop

  • Pentagon City Mall

  • South Joyce Street + 14th Street South

Probably one of the most well-known things to do in Pentagon City is to go shopping. Why? Well, there is not only the Pentagon City Mall but also multiple other plazas full of stores.

No matter the items you need to go shopping for, I am fairly positive you will be able to find them at a store in Pentagon City. The mall is full of clothing, electronics, beauty, jewelry, furniture, and department stores. You will find a few high end stores, such as Nordstrom, as well as more general stores, such as The Children’s Place. Moreover, the Pentagon City Mall is also known as the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City.

Additionally, there is a row of stores along South Joyce Street. These include but are not limited to clothing, kitchen, pharmacy, and beauty stores. Travel a couple blocks to the east and you will find more clothing, electronics, and general stores on 14th Street South.

pentagon mall food court


2) Grab a Bite to Eat

  • Pentagon Mall food court

  • Pentagon Row plaza

  • South Hayes Street + South Fern Street

I am sure you are going to work up an appetite after a day full of shopping. Trust me, there is not a shortage of delicious food joints in Pentagon City.

First, you can choose to eat at the food court within the mall. You will generally find a lot of chains here, for example Chipotle and Panda Express. However, my absolute favorite food spot in all of Pentagon City is located here. It is the Panda Tea House, which serves bubble tea. My personal choice is the strawberry and banana smoothie with bubbles. I actually do not like the taste of tea, so I opt for smoothies or slushies at bubble tea shops.

Second, you can eat at a restaurant located in the Pentagon Row plaza. There are a lot of great options here, including an asian bistro and handmade ice cream shop. However, I would say that my personal favorite in the plaza is Bun’d Up. Not only does it have a cool name, but it serves delicious bao buns.

Third, there are a few more restaurants located on South Hayes Street as well as on South Fern Street just a few blocks to the east. You can grab some pizza, Chick-Fil-A, coffee, and more there.

As a little bonus, there is a Costco located in Pentagon City. You can always hit up the Costco food court for a classic hot dog or chicken bake.

The view of the Washington Monument from Prospect Hill Park in Washington D.C


3) Enjoy the Views at Prospect Hill Park

  • 0.4 acres large

  • Views of Air Force Memorial and DC

Prospect Hill Park is located in the northwest corner of the Pentagon City neighborhood in Arlington, VA. While the park is fairly small at only 0.4 acres, it holds incredible views.

The park sits a bit higher than its surroundings, so you can see some of the large attractions in Arlington. For example, you can see the Air Force Memorial just about a mile away. Moreover, you can see across the Potomac River into Washington DC. Prospect Hill Park would thus be a good spot to view the fireworks set off by Washington DC on July 4th.

There is no entrance fee for the park. Furthermore, the hours are listed on Arlington’s Park and Recreation site as sunrise to sunset.

For a nearby park just outside of Pentagon City, head to Gravelly Pointand watch planes fly overhead


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